Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discover Your Passion and Purpose for a Joyful life

In our society, we tend to ignore our special talents and choose our careers according to what will give   us a sense of security. However, what makes us feel safe does not bring us joy or fulfill us spiritually.

Discovering our passion and purpose is vital to our joy and well-being. Many people have lost touch with any sense of their passion and purpose. They don’t seem to be passionate about anything and have no idea how to access this information.

The blueprint for this information lies within our core Self, our essence, the true Self that is often buried during our early years. . If our true Self was not seen and validated properly, it is likely to have gone underground.

The good news is that while it is buried, it is not lost. Anyone can reclaim this information if you are willing to do the inner work of healing your wounded self. 

You can gradually heal your fears and limiting beliefs to the point where your true self comes peaking out. This is the vital, alive aspect of ourselves, the aspect of us that just wants to joyfully express ourselves in the world. As you allow this aspect to emerge, you will gradually discover what truly brings you joy.

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