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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What is Dream Programming and How it Works

In our day to day life, we exist in the physical reality. During the dreaming state your awareness is focused  in another reality that is in every way as permenant and valid as the physical reality universe.

 During sleep only a small amount of your energy is focused in the physical field that is just enough to maintain the bodily functions only.

The events in the dream reality are as meaningful as the events in your physical world and  they are interrelated. One affects the other and vice versa. This is why it is possible and extremely easy to program up dreams which have an almost immediate effect in your physical universe.

One of the easiest and most effective types of dream that you can pre-program relates to your physical health. Sometimes a correctly programmed dream can cause almost miraculous improvements to your health in as little as 12 hours. All one has to do is to request such a dream prior to falling asleep.

Simply listen to the mp3 as you fall asleep. The voice on the audio communicates to your subconscious mind requesting the required dream for whilst you sleep, pre-programming your dreams and helping you to create dramatic changes .

How was this technique discovered?

For nearly 10 years, a privately funded team led by Jim Francis, did in-depth research into advanced mind power techniques. All of their discoveries are classified as 'leading edge', such as Dream Programming, with a few others in the 'world first' category, such as the research into luck and intuition.

Their research has been used by hundreds of thousands of people across the world since it was released.

The Available Dream Programming Audios Based on the Research

Financial Abundance:  You can download 3 popular albums that will help support your dream of financial abundance.

Materialize Goals Quickly : This audio will help change your beliefs so you can achieve your goals easier and quicker. Feel unstoppable and capable of achieving anything.

Have Amazing Runs of Luck ;   Develop the mindset of someone who believes they are always lucky, and once this is part of your conscious and subconscious thinking, you will start to experience amazing runs of luck...

Feel Confident and Dynamic:  Feel confident, dynamic ...unstoppable... This audio will boost your self esteem, remove shyness and help you feel like you can achieve anything.

Each audio comes with at least 2 versions - one with brainwave entrainment technology. created by leading expert Jeff Gignac, and one without brainwave entrainment by English hypnotist Howard Sandford.

Dream Programming Instructions:

1. ONLY to be listened to before falling asleep
2. NEVER listen whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol
3. NEVER listen whilst driving or being driven
4. NEVER listen whilst operating machinery or equipment
5. BEWARE of headphone cables when falling asleep because you don't want to strangle yourself

Listen to one particular recording for 14 consecutive days, each time before going to sleep. The recording lulls you into a relaxing state which leads to natural sleep at the end of the recording.

Don't worry if you have 'strange' dreams or even no dreams at all. The recording is designed to talk to your unconscious mind, NOT the conscious mind, so don't try too hard to make things happen. Just listen and relax!

 For More Details and Getting Dream Programming Audios Visit their Site HERE

For Getting the In-Depth Research into Advanced Mind Power Technology Visit RealMindPowerSecrets HERE

Free E Book -- 7 Real Mind Power Secrets by Jim Francis


                                   Click Here To Get This Ground Breaking Research Report

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Amazing Meditation Audio Using The Core Energy Technique


Kevin Schoeninger  ( Certified holistic fitness trainer and meditation instructor) has created an amazing meditation audio using the Core Energy Technique and it shows you how to release any unwanted thought, feeling or belief almost instantly It works on negative emotions like anxiety, anger, depression and guilt.

It also works when you feel stuck in a limiting belief like "I'm not worthy" or "It's impossible"

 You can use the "Core Energy Technique" to connect with your heart and your true purpose. This technique is one of those things you just have to experience for yourself.

People have been using this to release just about every negative emotions you can imagine - stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and depression...And the more you do it the powerful it becomes.

The response to this audio has been amazing. When you feel unsure of yourself or confused about a situation in life, using the Core Energy Technique instantly connect with the Source and from this place of connection, the confusion begins to disappear.You know the right thing for you here and now.

When you feel unsure of yourself or confused about a situation in life, using the Core Energy Technique instantly connect with the Source and from this place of connection, the confusion begins to disappear.You know the right thing for you here and now.

 Kevin Schoeninger, the guy who created it  has over 30 years experience teaching busy people how to find lasting happiness and inner peace.

 He's studied many, many practices that work over the years.  This audio is like condensing over 30 years of deep insight into a 7-minute exercise that really work.

And more importantly, make sure you do this several times
so you make it your own.  It can literally transform the
quality of your life forever.


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