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Monday, June 22, 2015

Achieving Good Health Through Yoga

Nowadays ancient practices like yoga are gaining popularity all over the world and people are starting to show interest in learning the art. Yoga operates on the physical,mental and spiritual level of a person.Through the regular practice of yoga, one can keep his body and mind healthy. It is a powerful step to have a good immune system and robust health. The general tendency of the human body is to stay healthy naturally, and function in a regular and rythmatic  manner. Yoga helps to keep this natural process active . 

Identifying the exact cause of our body's ill health, has not been possible even by the latest researches. Even though the cause of diseases are said to be infection by bacteria,viruses etc., the effect of these causes are not same on all human beings. It entirely depends on the immunity level of the individual who is affected.  So all the focus should be given to improve the immune system of the individual. Yoga gives emphasis on strengthening the immune system. This is the importance of yoga. Yogic practises makes the body supple, mind calm and the defence mechanisms of various systems active.

The general misconception about yoga is that yogic practices are for curing  diseases. But the fact is that yogic practices are not designed for curing any diseases, but for the internal organs to function properly, thereby improving our body's defense mechanisms against diseases, removing toxins and thus leading to good health. For example, practice of yoga can restore the natural functioning of glands, enabling them to produce the required amount of secretions to mix with the blood. This prevents gland malfunctioning, one of the common health complaints many people including children suffer from. Yogic practices are also useful in keeping the digestive system in a good condition always.

The whole yoga system comprises of three types of activities. They are the yogasanas (yogic postures), cleansing processes and pranayama. They are meant to invigorate and strengthen  our internal organs and immune system. According to yoga masters and therapists, yoga is the best preventive system and  regular practitioners of yoga can escape from the agony of illness to a great extend.

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Saturday, June 6, 2015

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