Monday, October 6, 2014

Practice Shambvi Mudra and Agochri Mudra for Reducing Stress

Practicing Shambvi Mudra and Agochri Mudra on a regular basis helps to improve concentration and reduce mental stress.

How to Do Shambvi Mudra

  • Sit straight or in Padmasana
  • Concentrate your eyes on the mediterranion (Where the two eye-brows meet).
  • Increase the period of time gradually.

Shambvi Mudra is also called Shivbhangima.

How to Do Agochri Mudra

  • Sit staight or in Padmasana position.
  • Concentrate the eyes on top of your nose without any strain.
  • Increase the period of exercise gradually.

Practicing  both the Mudras together is highly beneficial. If the eyes feel stressed, stop exercising.


  • Helps to improve comcentration
  • Reduce mental stress and anger.
  • Sharpens the eye sight.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Healing through Manthra Worship

Chanting of manthras have proved very beneficial for people having physical and mental problems.

Powerful Words can create miracles.This is the basic principle behind healing through manthra worship.Reciting manthras repeatedly can create mysterious power and it can be miraculous.Purity of our thoughts and feelings are also achieved by manthra worship.

Some kind of spiritual energy is created around the person who performs manthra worship ( when reciting a powerful word or manthra repeatedly ) and his body, mind and the environment in which it is recited are influenced by the sound waves produced by the powerful manthras.


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