Monday, October 6, 2014

Practice Shambvi Mudra and Agochri Mudra for Reducing Stress

Practicing Shambvi Mudra and Agochri Mudra on a regular basis helps to improve concentration and reduce mental stress.

How to Do Shambvi Mudra

  • Sit straight or in Padmasana
  • Concentrate your eyes on the mediterranion (Where the two eye-brows meet).
  • Increase the period of time gradually.

Shambvi Mudra is also called Shivbhangima.

How to Do Agochri Mudra

  • Sit staight or in Padmasana position.
  • Concentrate the eyes on top of your nose without any strain.
  • Increase the period of exercise gradually.

Practicing  both the Mudras together is highly beneficial. If the eyes feel stressed, stop exercising.


  • Helps to improve comcentration
  • Reduce mental stress and anger.
  • Sharpens the eye sight.

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