Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Power of Positive Thinking and Health

Positive thinking means being optimistic in the thought process, that is, expect the best possible outcome from any given situation. One’s physical and mental health condition is related to his thinking pattern.

Positive psychologist Tal Ben-Shahar uses optimalism to mean willingness to accept failure while remaining confident that success will follow. Optimalism allows for failure in pursuit of a goal, and expects thaT the trend of activity will tend towards the positive.

It is not necessary to always succeed while striving to attain goals. Optimalists accept failures and also learn from them, which encourages further pursuit of achievement.

optimists seem intent on facing problems head-on, taking active and constructive steps to solve their problems.

Studies have shown that optimism is related to one’s psychological well-being as well as physical health condition. Optimists have been shown to live healthier lifestyles.

Research to date has demonstrated that optimists are less likely to have certain diseases or develop certain diseases over time.

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