Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga means the union of mind, body and soul. In yoga body poses, breathing exercises and meditation are integrated and now a large number of people are aware of what yoga can contribute to their general fitness. Regular practice of yoga keeps you mentally and physically healthy and can strengthen the immune system.

The Eight Limbs of Yoga

The "Eight Limbs of Yoga” define Yoga as a lifestyle: your attitude to the world around you is followed by your attitude towards yourself, physical posturing, breathing exercises, withdrawing the senses, concentrating, contemplating, and finally enlightenment.


Meditation comes from intense concentration, where the individual focuses so thoroughly on a single object that he or she thinks of nothing besides his or her awareness of that object (Some religions may find that their idea of prayer could fall under this definition).

Meditation calms the mind and offers a number of health benefits. Regular mediation helps to reduce all the stress and anxiety, lower your blood pressure, improve concentration and clarity of thought and to release your creative side.

Combining meditation and Yoga poses

According to a research, combining meditation with yoga poses will increase the matter of the brain’s cortex, and will help with cognitive, emotional, and sensory date of the brain. Meditation may also slow natural shrinkage of the frontal cortex due to aging. Most changes happen in the brain’s right half.

Learning meditation will take some time and effort. Now guided meditations are available to make learning and practicing meditation simple.

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