Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Healing through Reiki The Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is a form of spiritual energy which can heal and nurture every living beings. 'Rei' means Universal and 'Ki' means Life Force Energy. Reiki is the Unversal Life Force Energy which is divine in nature that any one can learn and use for themselves and for the well-being of others.

There exists many forms of energy healing practices and healing through Reiki Energy is one of them. This Devine Energy was used by great sages like Jesus Christ and Gauthama Budha. Reiki practices focuss on the health and healing of yoursef and others. .It has the power to heal mental, emotional and physical problems when directed by a  foccussed Reiki  practitionar. When Reiki Energy is channelled through your body, it clears all the energy blocks and helps to heal yourself as a whole being. This Devine Energy can be chanelled simultaneously with other therapies for getting faster results.

This cosmic energy  can also be used to liberate one's bad habits, increase memory and mental qualities like love, sympathy and spirituality. When flowing through our body, this gentle energy can eliminate all our accummilated stress and make us relaxed and peaceful.

Reiki Healing is an ancient practice and now it is revived by modern science. It is based on Quantum physics theory and the root belief "Everything is Energy". Beneath our physical, mental and emotional levels of life, underlies an energy level of our core being. Energy healing works purely with this energy level of our being.

The principle of Energy healing is that since everything is energy, our body, mind and emotions are also composed of energy. So when Reiki or any type of Healin Energy is channelled through our body, it influence the energy level of our body, mind and emotions.

Science and Spirituality are the two sides of a coin and either one can not advance
unilaterally. Most of us are reluctant to believe the existance and the effectiveness of such an energy. We can feel this gentle devinity only through our personal experience

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