Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where is thought created?

The Higgs boson or Higgs particle was a proposed elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics. In 1964 Peter Higgs and his colleagues proposed a theory about the existence of such a particle.

Our physicists confirmed the theory as true in year 2012 using the Large Hadron Collider, sometimes mentioned as hadron the collider.

While there were no confirmed procedures for arriving at the theory, what actually propelled the team to think in line of the elementary particle, its existence etc? How did they put forth the theory, when there was no means to measure or substantiate, which modern science took almost half a century to confirm?

What is a thought? Where it is created?

The atmosphere we live in is bombarded with radio waves. We do not realize its presence until we tune in to one of the frequencies with a radio receiver. We should have a working radio receiver, we should tune it in to one of the frequencies that carry a message we can understand, we should keep the volume of output to our audible level, and many more compliance so that we can listen to the programs.At the same time there are numerous programs available. This is people to people communication using the known audible frequency spectrum.

Where the thoughts are coming from?

Is it coming from somewhere within us or outside us? 
Where is the reservoir of thought kept? 
Who is filling it? 
When it is filled? …
Who orders it to be filled? …
When is it released into the mind for processing? 
Who chooses the person to whom the thought is to be send?  .... and many more questions!

If it is within the body, where is it and is it possible for us to retrieve the reservoir, after the end of a person’s life, and peek in to it?

If it is from outside, is it our vibrational frequency that tunes us to the data bank of the universe and allow us to listen to the knowledge in a particular line, that which we seek.

Human knowledge so far has been unsuccessful in understanding the source of our knowledge. So is the source of thought.

Think and perhaps you will be the one who is blessed with the answer.

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