Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Biggest mind power sale now ends January 8th

MindPowerMp3 Team now put together a powerful collection of gifts and audios in their end of year promotion that the very first day of their sale they fried their server.

They have made the decision to extend the sale until January 8th.

Their free gifts are great.

Their paid products are amazing, including -

The Super Mind Music Library with Bonuses - Save

The runaway best seller through the sale so far -
The Super Mind Music Library is a collection of 18
beautiful music albums (from Classical to
Contemporary Guitar to Smooth Jazz to Dance..)
that have all been enhanced with brain wave
entrainment tracks designed to help
the listener do everything from eliminate pain to
improve creativity to connect with the Divine or
just plain make you smarter.

Listen to it for free...

Super Mind Music is unique to MindPowerMp3 - you
won't find it anywhere else - and you can now hear
over 70 sample tracks for free in their Super Mind
Music Jukebox
and incredibly, they're giving all this away
for free to every visitor.

The Sound Transformation Starter Kit

Download this powerful kit which includes 5 free
mp3s and...

* Enhance learning, ESP and focus by tuning in to
our planet's rejuvenating frequency of 7.83 Hz -
the Schumann Resonance - 'Earth's heartbeat' mixed
with beautiful modern classical music (Highly

* Become more tolerant, optimistic,
compassionate, resourceful and humorous by
balancing your heart chakra with exquisite heart
chakra music

* Discover timeless wisdom in A Message from the
Future mixed with stunning meditation music

* Overcome fears and limiting self beliefs - tune
into the sacred Solfeggio frequency 396 Hz
Liberation from fear

* Experience a beautiful guided meditation with
powerful healing music and help co-create a better

Plus The Good Vibrations Gift Set

* Consciousness Revolution: The Evolution of
Humanity - Discover your future...

* Good Vibrations 2012 Calendar and Words of
Wisdom 2012 Calendar

* Good Vibrations: Jazz Delight - Hear the full
album for free - contains positive energy and
positive mood brainwave entrainment mixed with
very cool music.

Accessing these gifts is easy - just visit Super Mind Music
and get your headphones ready.

Sale ends January 8th

All the single mp3s are now available for less
than $10 ...and you can save up to 58% on over 50
revolutionary products including Dream
Programming, Sacred Frequencies, Inner Journeys,
and of course Super Mind Music.

There are also up to 3 Free audios with every

For the length of the sale you will also
receive a free audio for every audio you purchase
- up to a total of 3 free audios - including the
not yet released "Deep Delta: Unforgettable

Their amazing sale ends on January 8th. You'll also discover the top 10 audio experiences of 2011...

Wishing You All a Most Empowering 2012 and Beyond.

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