Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meditation and Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment or brainwave synchronization is the practice of synchronizing the brainwave frequencies of a person to an indented brain state such as to induce sleep with a periodic stimulus having a frequency corresponding to the indented state.

It is assumed that human brain has a tendency to change its dominant EEG frequency towards the frequency of a dominant external stimulus. These external stimulus can be aural (such as binaural, monaural and isochronic tones ), visual (dream machine), or a combination of both (mind machine ). It can be even an electromagnetic radiation.

The first scientific research on the subject of brainwave entrainment was performed by William Grey Walter. The dream machine is a flicker device that produces visual stimuli and it is viewed with the eyes closed. The user experiences increasingly bright, complex patterns of color behind their closed eyelids. The pulsating light stimulates the optical nerve and alters the brain’s electrical oscillations. A dream machine may be dangerous for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other nervous disorders.

Light and sound machine or mind machine is an audio-visual entrainment device that is used to alter brainwave activity. Altering brainwave activity may aid in the treatment of psychological or physiological disorders.

Deep state of meditation can be experienced easily with brainwave entrainment technology. Scientific research shows that advanced meditators live in a more balanced state characterized by brain synchronization and whole brain functioning. Such meditators develop the ability to use their whole brain.



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