Monday, June 20, 2011

Yoga for Vibrant Health

Practice Yoga for Vibrant Health

Yoga is a complete science of life that originated in India many thousands of years ago. It is the oldest system of personal development in the world encompassing the entire body, mind and spirit. It is the union between a person's own consciousness and the universal consciousness.

Yoga, an ancient science, can help people cope with their health issues and help them develop the state of their body and mind in a healthier way. It can help alleviate pain, manage stress, and ensure physical fitness among other benefits. Yoga poses are designed to tone and exercise the muscles of the body to eliminate excess fat, and make it more flexible and stronger.

The classical techniques of Yoga date back more than 5,000 years. In ancient times, the desire for greater personal freedom, health, long life and heightened self-understanding gave birth to this system of physical and mental exercise which has since spread throughout the world. The word Yoga means "The union of mind, body and soul" and it brings the body and mind together into one harmonious experience.

The Ancient Yogis had a profound understanding of man's essential nature and of what he needs to live in harmony with himself and his environment. They perceived the physical body as a vehicle, with the mind as driver, the soul as man's true identity, and action, emotion and intelligence as the three forces which pull the body-vehicle.

In order for these to be integrated, these three forces must be in balance. Taking into account the interrelationship between body and mind, the Yogis formulated a unique method for maintaining this balance - a method that combines all the movements you need for physical health with the Breathing and Meditation techniques that ensure peace of mind.

Yoga may seem like the fabled elixir of life - a cure-all solution to man's daily problems and concerns such as illness. But actually, the benefits that Yogis or Yoga practitioners have been experiencing for thousands of years are only being gradually proven by medical science now.

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