Thursday, June 2, 2011

How We Influence People with Our Minds by Jim Francis - Part 3

With remote viewing you struggle to become aware of what is coming in from the matrix. With remote projection you are focusing on what you are sending out. That is you are projecting tightly controlled imagery. You clearly shape your thoughtform, fill it with the necessary energy...then release the thought to the target you have chosen.

You must be very clear in your mind exactly what it is you wish to project. Waffly half formed thoughts will go nowhere. That is the first step. The second step is in releasing the thought. You fire this compressed energy thought-ball at the target...then promptly forget all about it. You DO NOT dwell on it.

This is the same process that is used for psychokinetic experiments. You fire the energy,then promptly think about something else. Most psychokinetic effects happen after you've stopped trying. You really have to become aware that what you think and what you feel is changing the world outside yourself.

Your thoughts have energy, this has actually been measured. And when you intently focus these thoughts they develop a resonant energy. Then when you direct this resonance toward one particular person, with absolute single-minded intensity . that energy will be imparted to that target person and affect them.

You can design your life circumstances by consciously designing and focusing your thought patterns and accompanying intensity.

In developing projective skills remember that whatever you project outward will be reflected in your environment so destructive projections will adversely affect your environment. This is why people who dwell on things that they fear and impart projective energy to these thoughts usually self-destruct by creating their own personal disasters.

Once you learn these projective skills you must never dwell on negative destructive activities. The purpose of developing this projective ability is to firstly improve your own life then the life of those around you that you care for.

This was taken from Mind Surge - The Consciousness Revolution.

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